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Tips On Selecting The Right Investment Vehicle

Life is an endless series of choices: one of the hardest is deciding where and how to invest your money. You need a basic understanding of how the most popular investment vehicles work and what they represent to make the best investment choices.

Best Shopping Centers Around Bukit Timah

Fourth Avenue Residences Condo is the recently developed residential site located near the coveted Bukit Timah Road, just a short distance from the MRT station at Sixth Avenue. The development has all the items you have dreamed of in a residential area including a clubhouse, swimming pool, clubhouse, children’s playground, an indoor gym, and many […]

5 Ways To Decide If A Property You View Is The One For You

How do you know that you’ve found the right neighborhood for your family home? Is it the amenities? Is it the size and adaptability of the homes? Is it its proximity to your workplace or the public utilities nearby? Or are you looking for a place where the kids have enough playgrounds; where they can […]

Child-Friendly Features You’ll Love About Tampines

Whenever someone mentions living in Tampines, what is likely to come to mind is its amazing connectivity, the abundance of educational facilities or the well laid out walking paths. Sometimes it is the parks and leisure facilities that surround Tampines that makes you think about how it’s ideal for a family set up.

Choosing The Right Neighborhood

When you finally decide to purchase your dream home, lots of questions run through your mind. Will the place be affordable? Will my family members find it suitable? All these factors and many more must be considered when buying a home. You’ll want a place you will be comfortable at for the rest of your […]

What To Watch Out For When Home Hunting Digitally

You can imagine that most house hunters today use digital and mobile platforms when looking for new property. More prospective homebuyers use property listing during the hunting process. Searching for a home through this method presents us the apparent advantages; we need to look at its possible challenges.

How To Make Your Home Hunting Journey Smooth

The personal journey of buying a home is highly emotional. You may need the help of trusted and established realtors to share with you on how to separate emotions when buying a house. When you are faced with what could be the most significant decision of your life you may get a little overwhelmed after […]

Guide to Choosing the Right Agent When House Hunting

The homeownership journey can be quite gruelling for both first-time buyers and veterans. For the first time buyer, the journey is new and may have no idea where to begin. You are not sure whether every turn you take is right or wrong. You may have taken the time to think about the options and […]