Best Shopping Centers Around Bukit Timah

Fourth Avenue Residences Condo is the recently developed residential site located near the coveted Bukit Timah Road, just a short distance from the MRT station at Sixth Avenue. The development has all the items you have dreamed of in a residential area including a clubhouse, swimming pool, clubhouse, children’s playground, an indoor gym, and many more. The site is also very family friendly due to its proximity to various prestigious schools and academic institutions. But, the feature that creams it all and makes it worth every dollar spent is its proximity to Singapore’s finest and most extravagant shopping centers.

It’s one thing to live close to a shopping centre, but to get a home next to variety of the most exceptional shopping centers is beyond convenience. You’ll be spoilt for choice, fun and a variety of other activities.

Bukit Timah Plaza Shopping Center

Bukit Timah Plaza is an awesome destination for the whole family. It’s located close to the Fourth Avenue Residences and residents can indulge in the variety of products and services available. From exquisite cafes, fast food spots like KFC and Pizza Hut to magnificent supermarket and bookstores, the Bukit Timah Plaza Shopping Center is definitely the one-stop mall for the entire family. What’s more, the mall has an entire floor dedicated to school, training, educational materials and programs.

Beauty World Shopping Center

Located at 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road in District 21, about 100 meters from Beauty World MRT Station (U/C 2015), this is yet another favorite shopping center for residents. Not only can you find a variety of eateries on the fourth floor and a McDonald’s outlet, but it’s also a favorite spot for offices and important entities such as banks.

Several tutors have also set up shops in the mall, so you know where you can go to sharpen your knowledge or learn a new skill like playing the piano.

With an array of amenities and services available, Beauty World Shopping Center makes an excellent location for an office set up and is just a short walk away from Fourth Avenue Residences.

Cluny Court Shopping Mall

Adjacent to the Botanic Garden MRT station is one of the most unique shopping centers in Singapore, Cluny Court Shopping Mall. This two-storey traditional shop sits conveniently beside Fourth Avenue Residences and hosts the well-known supermarket, Cold Storage, as well as the Gastronomia restaurant.

It’s not a popular spot for the overly active, but the serene and peaceful appeal that Cluny Court Shopping Mall has will definitely make your visit to the mall worthwhile.

The Rail Mall

The last shopping center that can be found within the environs is the Rail Mall which is known for its historic setting. Although it may not rival the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station; the remnant railway bridge and countryside atmosphere are sure to take your mind adrift into nostalgia. It’s a must-visit especially on a hot afternoon when you are looking for some quiet outdoor space.