Neighbourhoods in Singapore perfect for private couples

Looking for a place to settle down and eventually call home is not an easy task.  You have to be careful and choose neighbourhoods wisely because you may be making a life decision. You have to look for what suits your budget and lifestyle. The task of choosing a home becomes more difficult if you are in a committed relationship with someone because you have two people to consider before making a decision.

To make matters worse, you may have school-going children therefore, you have to consider a neighbourhood that has suitable schools for them in the proximity.  The other significant factor you have to consider is privacy.

You would wish to settle in a place where you can keep your affairs as private as possible. Being private does not mean you seclude yourself from the rest of the world; it merely means you are careful about who you are sharing your personal information with. Here are a few ideal neighbourhoods for the private couple.

  • Queenstown

If you are a couple who have already retired and are looking for a calm place to relax and live out the rest of your lives in peace and tranquillity, then Queenstown is the place for you. Queensland has earned its reputation as the ‘elderly town’ with the majority of inhabitants being over 65 years of age. However, some developments try to modernise the Queensland over the years like the modernisation of Margaret Drive with modern amenities. Places like the Kent Ridge Park are perfect for that afternoon couple walk.

  • Yio Chu Kang

If you consider yourself a private couple, nature and spacious surroundings are some of the things that are essential to where you want to call home. Every couple especially one with kids prefers to stay in an area that offers their kids space to run around and play safely. Yio Chu Kang is one such place; there is abundant space for the residents of the area to enjoy their privacy while still being able to access social amenities like schools and hospitals easily.

  • Hougang

For a religious couple (Catholic), Novena is the perfect place for you to settle down and be in touch with your spiritual side. Hougang is home to the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as well as other churches and chapels of various religious denominations. The Hougang area is also home to several modern social amenities that give the city a new age look. Residences such as the Riverfront Residences Condo in Singapore are just an example of the blend of religious history and modern architecture in the neighbourhood.

  • Bedok

Located in East Singapore, Bedok is the most extensive planning area in the nation being home to approximately three hundred thousand residents. A young couple looking to save up and still enjoy proper housing will appreciate the affordable housing in the area. Bedok is part of the Tanah Merah region, and it enjoys access to the coastline, which is perfect for a romantic afternoon with your partner enjoying the cool breeze of the sea.

  • Clementi

The central residential locality in Clementi is Clementi New Town and consists of numerous landed properties to the West especially. The Clementi area has a centralised type of setting, with each neighbourhood aligned to its centre, where commercial activities take place. The organised nature of Clementi is beautiful to couples that keep to themselves because you will not have to struggle a lot to find what you want.

Privacy is an essential aspect of any couples life; it allows them to grow together and learn much more about each other especially if it is a young couple. For the elderly couples, it might be that time for you and your spouse to raise your kids away from the crowded urban areas or time to retire and enjoy the fruits of your labour with your beloved spouse. Being private does not in any way mean that you are anti-social or have some social disorder. It merely says that you value your personal space and you are careful who comes into it. Take your time to check some of the best properties in the above neighbourhoods and enjoy the kind of lifestyle you deserve.

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